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12 • RV PRO • February 2021 rv-pro.com and design with a big front windshield – it got us a lot of recognition from dealers and got our product heavily into the marketplace." By their general design nature, a teardrop footprint is traditionally tight and a bit claustrophobic, so inTech implemented its "tilt-forward" design so that the front cap angles forward with a large windshield. "By doing that, it presented a new realm of possibilities for us because we took the frame sizes that were comparable to other units in the same market and opened up the forward area more, versus having it angle back. We're able to do more with less – we keep the footprint small – but offer more opportunity in the unit space." The Sol & Terra Go Bigger From the Luna, inTech's intention was to introduce RVs in the next step in size, which led to the launch of its Sol product, the company's travel trailer version of the Luna. "The Sol's sales went really crazy and has absolutely blown us up in the RV realm," Fishburn says. "While we're not mainstream in our product sizing – we're focused on small, lightweight trailers – we give people more options, such as a bathroom and kitchen amenities. It opened us up to more people interested in an inTech." The Sol Horizon weighs about 3,300 pounds, while the Sol Dawn and Sol Eclipse models each weigh in the 2,000-pound range. "The challenge in designing a unit under 5,000 pounds is always making sure it has the proper amenities, no wasted space, and the customer is comfortable," Fishburn says. "How big do you make the bathroom? How much bed space is given? How much do you dedicate to the kitchen? It's always about finding the right balance." The RV manufacturer has continued to evolve with its recently launched Terra model in 2020, which is yet a larger model (about 5,700 pounds), featuring a dry bath, a walk-around bed and more amenities for those who generally spend more time RVing. The Discover, with a dry weight of less than 2,800 pounds, is the largest trailer in the Flyer lineup and offers a toy hauler-type setup. Its net carrying capacity in excess of 2,400 pounds means it can accommodate ATVs. With its curbside tip-outs, it can sleep four.

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