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rv-pro.com February 2021 • RV PRO • 31 Learn more at KingConnect.com Sets up anywhere with included tripod! GO • Supports ALL U.S. Cellular Carriers • Boosts Voice & Data Range • Use while parked or in-motion • No Additional Contract, No Fees. NEW! • Roof, Pole, and Ladder Mounting Brackets Included. MULTI-USE PORTABLE CELL BOOSTER • Includes 12V and 110V power supply. At some of the busiest times during 2020, Lineberger Jr. says the dealership was down to three to five units on the sales lot at any time. "It's hard to sell out of an empty bucket," he says simply. While COVID-19 has greatly impacted how Terrell Camping Center operates, Lineberger Jr. says the biggest, most lasting impact upon the dealership in recent years has been the advent of the internet. "The internet's been the biggest change during my time in the business," he says. "We have had to adapt to the internet cus- tomers. It changed the way you do busi- ness, connect and communicate with cus- tomers. In the early 2000s, there were old dial-up connections. We hired someone to make a webpage, but it didn't really work out all that well." Today, he estimates that 70 percent of the dealership's business is still done in-person while 30 percent is done over the internet. As for future plans for the dealer- ship, Lineberger Jr. says the business has expanded over the years, purchasing land from neighbors to grow in size, and that additional growth is possible. "We have made some leaps, but not huge ones. We're very slow to move when- ever we make a change," he says. "But there is always a possibility for an expansion or new location. We're kicking the idea around." 'Stronger as One' Being part of industry groups plays an important role in Terrell Camping Cen- ter's culture. Lineberger Jr. currently serves as president of the North Carolina's RV Dealers Association (NCRVDA). "I'm in my third or fourth term as presi- dent. We've got a lot of good things done," he says. "North Carolina has one of the best groups of dealers to work with. We've got a really close-knit group." The NCRVDA dealer members also are members of the NCADA (North Car- olina Automobile Dealers Association). NCADA took NRVDA members in as a whole group, providing a wealth of knowl- edge for RV dealer members to draw from, according to Lineberger Jr. "You're stronger as one. We've learned that during the last four years as we've rewritten some of the franchise laws for RV dealers. RV dealers had kind of been left out in the cold and had no protec- tions," he says. "We worked together, and with legislation now we have protections under warranty law as an RV towables dealer. Until then, we had no protections for RV towable dealers." After more than 30 years in the industry, Lineberger Jr. says he still gets excited to go to work in the RV industry. "I like the people. That's the biggest thing for me: The customers and the people we deal with," he says. "I like meeting new people." Service prep tech Dennis Caldwell applies lubricant to the hinges on an RV compartment door. The dealership's talented techs are up for nearly any job – big or small.

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