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STAIN-FREE ODOR-FREE SOFT WATER ANYWHERE! "THE CUBE" WWW.AQUARV.COM A PERIODIC PRODUCTS COMPANY 954-764-7654 MEET that when it comes to RVers, many con- sumers might not be aware that there's a solution to boosting their signal on the go. The process, he explains, is "as simple as grabbing a signal from outside, bringing it indoors – whether that's into a vehicle or a building – cleaning up the signal through our amplifiers, and then redistributing an even better signal than what we found out- side (for example) the RV." The cellular boosting products them- selves, Peckman explains, also have signifi- cantly evolved in the past decade, pointing to 2014 as a turning point. "The FCC got more involved in the category at that point," he says. At the time, many signal-boosting products could cause interference with cell towers; some even overpowering the towers and hampering cell networks. Since then, Peckman says Wilson has worked with the FCC and mobile providers such as Verizon to bring about a new way of going to business and ensuring prod- ucts are compatible with carriers. Mobile booster products, he says, are now designed so if an RVer is traveling down the road, it will communicate with a tower without overpowering it or causing interference. Around that same timeframe, closer to 2015, Peckman says Wilson was aware of RV and trucking consumers who were interested in booster options but didn't have the right tools for the application. "Most times, they were taking our resi- dential products and trying to make it work in a mobile environment, which is a little problematic with antenna placement, as well as moving down the road versus being stationary," Peckman says. With feedback from online forums and social media and input from RV con- sumers, Wilson ascertained that the com- pany could develop an application-specific product to meet everyone's needs, from the weekend warrior to the full-time RVer. Peckman says Wilson then strived to begin developing turnkey solutions that ranged from 12 volts of power to 110 volts of power when plugged in at a campsite. Regardless of configuration, Peckman says that Wilson's goal is to make sure the user experience lends itself to the cus- tomer. Ultimately, it makes that solution an easy installation, be it DIY or installed by a dealer. Good to Know When it comes to adding cellular signal boosters to a dealer's inventory, Peckman rv-pro.com February 2021 • RV PRO • 39 Dealers can use aftermarket P.O.S. displays to educate customers on the benefits of signal boosters such as the weBoost connectRV65, pictured here.

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