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40 • RV PRO • February 2021 rv-pro.com says it's vital to have a basic grasp of the technology. "The first misconception we get a lot of is that (our product lineup) is for Wi-Fi. Our products are specifically cellular," Peckman says. "But, when you think of the RV applications, many RV users want to be able to bring in their own content and stream it to their TV sets, and that's where we become relevant." Given that most major cellular net- works now offer ample coverage for data and media, consumers will often use their phone as a hotspot, in place of a typical Wi-Fi router, for everything from streaming movies and TV shows to casu- ally surfing the internet. What's more, many smartphones and smart TVs now offer "beaming" capabili- ties, which means the user can mirror the content they're watching on their phone onto a TV inside the RV without any additional cables or devices. A strong cel- lular signal helps ensure users can stream media to their smart TV with minimal interruptions. And, while Wi-Fi is undoubtedly a prevalent need and technology, Peckman cautions that not every solution on the Having a boosted signal also means RVers who camp remotely have an emergency option if they need to get in contact with friends, family, or medical personnel. market will solve an RVer's problem with connectivity. "We see companies in the RV industry that are bringing Wi-Fi extenders to the marketplace but also providing cell access points via SIM cards," he says, noting that often even with Wi-Fi boosting tech- nology, a camper will find that the network they connect to at a campground will be mediocre at best. "You almost still need our product just to get the best cellular signal into that SIM card. If you're using a SIM card-based product, you need to still get the best cell signal into the SIM card. With our products, it makes the phone a stronger, better device, versus trying to extend a mediocre signal." Sealing the Deal In addition to having a grasp of the cellular boosting technology, dealerships that familiarize themselves with booster One primary application dealers need to consider when marketing cellular boosting technology is whether the customer will be frequently on the go or stationary. In addition to accommodating RVers who need a strong cell signal, products like the weBoost Drive X RV also address the growing demographic of people who work remotely from RVs. Dealers can provide installation on this technology as a "value-added" service to their customers.

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