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rv-pro.com February 2021 • RV PRO • 41 Easier install More profit Less price competition Use with your favorite baseplate works great. costs less. readybrake.com Guys... No need to fight, NSA Tow Bars work great AND they cost less. 800-933-3372 It works great! No... It costs less! products' installation process can use it as a "value-added" service for customers, according to Peckman. This could be a more complicated job that involves com- ponents like antenna installation. In that case, dealers can provide customers with added confidence that it will be a clean, leak-free install, be it running a cable through a rubber roof membrane, fiber- glass, or metal materials. For marketing the technology to cus- tomers, Peckman points to three key approaches: as an add-on to other modern upgrades like satellite TV and solar power, promoted with an aftermarket P.O.S. dis- play, and as an offering that dealers can mention to customers when they come in for a service pickup. Of course, dealers can also combine all three of these approaches for an even more significant impact. "RV dealers who embrace the technology and who embrace the aftermarket sale can make good money selling the product – but even better money installing that product in the user's coach," Peckman says. To match a customer up with the right cell booster, Peckman says dealers should qualify the customer. RVers who are pre- dominately stationary, he explains, will want to opt for products like the weBoost ConnectRV65, which takes a residential booster and allows it to be used in a parked vehicle. "Whether you're docked for a week to a month, it offers the ability to put a collapsible flagpole up with a 25-foot mast, put an antenna at the top of that mast and be able to aim it specifically at the tower of the highest strength from where you're at," he says. "This offers (RVers) the ability to bring more gain through the system and allows them to light up a lot bigger area." For RVers who are frequently on the go, dealers can match consumers up with products such as the weBoost Drive Reach RV, designed for both moving and sta- tionary RV applications. Peckman also points out that whether RVers are mostly stationary or mobile, dealers can gener- ally still present the benefits of on-the-go technology to both sectors of RVers. He uses the example of snowbirds traveling to Phoenix, where they will largely remain in one place, with a steady signal.

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