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In other words, we recorded some classes when we were traveling around the country. We send the same books we'd use in class to their home. We've been livestreaming with them, going over the material, kind of like a lecture class in college. And then we open it up for Q&A because we're using Zoom. This (technique) also gives us the ability to set up GoPro cameras (in other parts of the academy) so they can watch us do a propane leak test. RV PRO: How do you feel now that the NRVTA campus is up and running, despite the temporary hybrid classes? Cooper: You know, my wife and I had been on the road since 2011 as RV ambassadors, traveling and doing things out in the field. As ambassadors for Crossroads RV, we would travel around the country and do evaluations on the equipment – do a quarterly report. We'd put 20,000 to 30,000 miles a year on those units. We would do rallies, RV shows. I would do a lot of training at RV parks. It got so that when we would come into an RV park, and they would give us 25 to 30 slots, that way we have a place for our students to stay because we were doing this training all over the country. (But as mobile home parks proliferated), park owners would say they don't have many sites available. People would come to class who were staying at another RV park. We'd run into issues getting rooms. A lot of times we would get the community center or the rec room. And invariably we'd run into a situation where they'd taken that room and converted into something else. So, it was an income stream for them, but it wasn't a classroom for us anymore. We said, 'We've got to change this. This ain't working.' When I had talked to you guys (RV PRO) back in 2016, I'd shared with you guys what our plan was for the Big Red School House. Later, we came across this park here in Athens, which was right outside of Dallas. We bought the park. It has 89 sites, six cabins, and enough land to where we could build a big training center. So, students come here, they stay here, come to class, and then for a lot of the hands-on, they will even use their own unit. 64 • RV PRO • February 2021 rv-pro.com NRVTA's education offerings start students out with basic RV maintenance. More advanced training includes working on air conditioners, heat pumps, absorption refrigerators, water heaters, furnaces and more. Pre-COVID, NRVTA was able to host training events for large groups of students.

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