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rv-pro.com February 2021 • RV PRO • 65 I had one student send me a note the other day. He said he took a chance leaving his dead-end job and came to one of our classes. Now he's about three years down the road. He has four service trucks and they're paid for. He said he's in the process of buying 10 acres to build a shop that's going to be paid for. And he said he has no debt. And he said it was all because he now has a skill to make a living. When you hear that, you just say, 'Wow.' RV PRO: Where do you usually find your students? Cooper: It was a struggle, sometimes, to get dealer technicians in here. But we have a lot of connections with Workamper News (a job resource for those in the RV industry). So, that's primarily how they come to us, including magazine advertising and Facebook. RV PRO: So, they're coming to you before having dealership experience? Cooper: Oh, absolutely. Yes. We have an awful lot of Boomers, and now we're begin- ning to see younger students. Because (of the COVID-19 pandemic), a lot of these young men and women are being laid off. So, they're switching over and coming into the RV experience. Often, they're coming here to get their basic training because the dealers don't have time to take somebody under the wing and develop them on paper. They got to hit the floor running. Dealers will send them to us for the first five days, which is what we call our "RV maintenance course." Remember when you took English 101 in college? Well, that's the way we treat that five-day-long RV maintenance class. We teach them the basics of RVs: electrical systems, about propane, the water system, and the appliances. We've been blessed to have new equipment shipped to us – brand-new equipment from NTP-STAG and RV dealerships. Quite honestly, we got the latest and greatest. Can't argue with that. RV PRO: What was your reaction when you received the $75,000 in RV donations from Ron Hoover RV & Marine Centers? Cooper: Now that knocked my socks off. I didn't see that coming at all. As a matter of fact, I'm looking at one of those units right now, out here in the service bay. Instructors are going to be using it tomorrow during a livestream. Before that, one Texas dealer donated a unit; and then we bought seven units from FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) last year. I thought we were really outfitted. NRVTA instructor Todd Henson instructs NRVTA students on the proper use of a multi-meter in a hybrid in-person and online class. NRVTA uses state-of-the-art technology to train students in the latest RV repair techniques.

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