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MARCH 2021 THE SHOP 17 O verlanding was headed toward another stellar year in 2020, with a calendar full of events and a growing fanbase of enthusiasts ready to get off the beaten path and find new, unexplored territories. We looked forward to gathering with other travelers, testing new gear and expe- riencing the outdoors together. What came next was neither expected nor short-lived. COVID-19 clouded every aspect of our lives. It shut down places we frequented, and instead of business as usual at the office, warehouse or shop, we had Zoom meetings and sometimes even worked on customer vehicles at home. What changed from a business perspec- tive? Almost everything. And it wasn't all bad for our industry. With enthusiasts confined to their homes, working on their vehicles became the pas- time of choice for many. With sporting events, concerts, shows and gatherings canceled, funds for family outings were instead used for new bumpers, winches, wheels and tires—sometimes even a truck camper with all the amenities. Priorities shifted, and projects that would have been spread over years were finished in months or even weeks. With an excited customer base and a bot- MORE ON THESHOPMAG.COM What is overlanding? Hellwig video explains: Let's Go Get Lost Overlanding survives the pandemic. Story and photos by Jason R. Sakurai Coronavirus Update The potential of the overlanding market seems limitless. Overlanding has become the crossroads between RV- ing and the outdoors.

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