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18 THE SHOP MARCH 2021 tlenecked supply chain, shops faced a new set of challenges. Lead times for products became longer, just as enthusiasts were ready to buy. Scarcity drove prices up, but instead of deterring overlanders, it made them more determined to find the parts of their choosing—even if it meant waiting weeks or months for them to become available. As 2021's spring thaw arrives, outfitters are scheduling appointments weeks out, off-road shops are working beyond capacity and things are moving forward. All of this is happening in the absence of events like Overland Expo and Off- Road Expo, although Detroit 4Fest and Texas 4Fest took place without incident in 2020, as did Overland Adventure Festivus in Southern California—the latter ironi- cally postponed due to fire hazards, not the pandemic. The speed at which our country vac- cinates the greatest number of people will likely determine our ability to regain a semblance of normalcy. But, even if your employees, families and customers are for- tunate enough to survive the pandemic unscathed, it will still leave a lasting impres- sion on you and everyone you know. This adventure- ready Chevrolet van was built by eBay Motors to gauge the potential of the overland market. Overlanding rigs are a blend of form and function. Let's Go Get Lost Books by adventurers like Dan Grec will inspire your customers to get out and go.

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