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36 THE SHOP MARCH 2021 from minus-45 to 185-plus degrees, has a 250-meter range, is the size of a pack of cigarettes and costs only $100." That's a tall order, meaning all of those requirements on the wish list might not be included on the first generation of units, especially when automakers are shop- ping for the lowest possible price to keep window sticker shock at bay. To work properly, the sensors need to be as clean as possible. "Lidar sensors need a view of the road the whole time. Inevitably, however, they will become fouled by dirt, dust, flies and bird droppings," says Jellicoe. "The cur- rent technology uses liquid jets and wipers to clean the sensors. That's fine on a test vehicle, but you can't have a sensor the size of a chicken bucket with reservoirs of cleaning solution on the roof when aes- thetics come into play." Unfortunately, lidar sensors can't live inside the vehicle cabin because they are affected by IR-coated windshields. So, TTP is working on ultrasonic cleaning technolo- gies that integrate directly into the sensors themselves. Seeing the Future SEMA recently presented case studies on modifying ADAS-equipped vehicles, including one from Transamerican/4WP, which modified a 2019 Ram 1500 truck to make sure the OEM sensors would work with various aftermarket upgrades. (Photo courtesy Transamerican/4WP) Tests validated that ADAS sensors and systems can be recalibrated to work as in- tended from the factory after the addition of aftermarket accessories. (Photos courtesy Transamerican/4WP)

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