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42 THE SHOP MARCH 2021 ADAS: Do's & Don'ts Dedicate a part of your retail sales space to ADAS safety products to help increase awareness and sales. (Photo courtesy Rydeen Mobile Electronics) ADAS product costs and installation times have gone down in recent years. (Photo courtesy Accele Electronics) Shops should thoroughly explain and demonstrate the benefits, operation and functionality of the products. (Photo courtesy Accele Electronics) tomers are just browsing, informative showroom displays offer another avenue of introduction to aftermarket accessories. "Have ADAS products and informational materials on display," suggests Goodman, who notes that Accele offers complete interactive wall-mount and Point-Of- Purchase collision avoidance setups for retailers. "It's important to show all options to the customer when they are interested in safety products." Voxx's Demers agrees that shops should have "a wide assortment on display—back-up cameras, mirror monitors, blind spot detec- tion, back-up sensors and trailering options." Those displays, notes Phil Maeda, founder/CEO of Rydeen Mobile Elec- tronics in Torrance, California, can quickly become an entire section of your show- room. "Make sure to have a part of the store dedicated to ADAS safety," he advises. "Use countertop displays, banners, easels and window decals to educate customers and promote the category." DO HIT THE ROAD FOR A TEST DRIVE While showroom displays are important, maybe nothing drives home the attractiveness of ADAS products better than seeing them in action. Goodman recommends installing the products in a vehicle that is available onsite for demonstrations during business hours. Even better, if possible, is a test drive, says Metra's Anderson. "Install ADAS products in your shop vehicle and take the customer for a ride to show them how this technology can Install ADAS products in your shop vehicle and take customers for a test drive. (Photo courtesy Metra Electron- ics) ADAS products are available for a wide range of vehicle applications. (Photo courtesy Voxx Electronics) Fleets can use ADAS products to enhance safe driving habits. (Photo courtesy Geotab) make their ride safer and add everyday convenience to their daily drive," he sug- gests. "By showing them firsthand how practical the solution is for driving, they will appreciate its value and look at it as an investment."

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