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MARCH 2021 THE SHOP 43 DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE OF ADAS Finally, don't ignore the fact that these product lines can offer potentially life-saving value for your customers. Once shops understand their importance, they'll want to shout about them from the rooftops. "ADAS systems offer an abundance of real-time safety alerts for drivers to help reduce common road safety threats such as distracted driving," says Geotab's Calkins. "The overall benefit of these systems is that they are designed to help reduce both the severity and overall number of motor vehicle collisions." It's a product category that's worth considering—on many levels. "Everyone understands that ADAS safety equipment is now standard on new vehicles; however, not too many people know that ADAS safety can be purchased and added as aftermarket equipment," says Rydeen's Maeda. "Get to know the product features and ben- efits. Your most important job is to save the lives of customers—driver safety is No. 1!" Top ADAS Products HOT PRODUCT: Advanced License Plate Bar Blind Spot Detection System with Built-In Back-Up Camera FEATURES & BENEFITS: Works on all types of vehicles; professional sup- port system to answer any application questions regarding purchase, selling or installation. Rydeen Mobile Electronics Phil Maeda Founder/CEO HOT PRODUCT: BSS 500 Microwave Blind Spot Detection System FEATURES & BENEFITS: Ultra-small sensors enable a no-drill installation inside the bumper; operating frequency of 79 GHz makes it 30% more accurate than systems operating on 24 GHz. Accele Electronics Bob Goodman Director. Channel Sales HOT PRODUCT: ZonePro ADAS Plus FEATURES & BENEFITS: Combines a forward-facing mobile digital video recording camera and a free mobile application; integrates with the Geotab Marketplace, acting as an add-in to pro- vide access to video and images; works with the Geotab Drive app. Geotab Sherry Calkins Vice President of Strategic Partnerships HOT PRODUCT: iBEAM TE-BSM2 Blind Spot Detection & Lane Change Alert System FEATURES & BENEFITS: LED indi- cators in the same field of view as the side mirrors; quick installation without removing the bumper; mounted entirely inside the vehicle; everything built into a single sensor; audible and visual alerts for rear blind spot detection; 65.5-foot field. Metra Electronics Jason Anderson VP of Product Research and Development HOT PRODUCTS: Cameras, Blind Spot Detection Products & Full Display Mirrors FEATURES & BENEFITS: Universal applications; cross-traffic warning for the blind spot systems; increased rear- view imaging while driving; display used for more than just back-up functionality. Voxx Electronics Aron Demers Senior Vice President Today's ADAS solutions are fast and easy to install. (Photos courtesy Metra Electronics) Products are designed to help reduce both the severity and overall number of motor vehicle collisions. (Photo courtesy Geotab) Customers expect the components to work seamlessly and flawlessly to provide them an edge against unexpected driving hazards. (Photo courtesy Voxx Electronics) MARCH 2021 THE SHOP 43

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