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48 THE SHOP MARCH 2021 Vehicle Appraisals p.56 Performance Products p.62 MARCH 2021 C ount fuel pumps among those components that are crucial to a vehicle's performance, but don't always get the attention they deserve. While rarely top-of-mind, matching the proper fuel pump setup to a par- ticular engine system is vital to reaching the customer's individual performance goals. As such, it's worth delving into the market to understand recent advance- ments, common misconceptions and ways shops can increase fuel pump sales. KEEPING PACE If there's one thing driving the fuel pump market, it's the incredible horsepower numbers showing up these days in per- formance vehicles of all types. "It's easier than ever to create big power on a modest budget," says Andy Peckham, product manager for TI Auto- motive. "The advancement of conversion components makes it simple to swap a new power plant or upgrade to EFI in almost any ride. With these swaps comes the need for performance fueling, driving demand for higher-output pumps and modules. It's important to match the correct fuel pump output to the engine and system needs." Brandon McDaniel, technical product support for DeatschWerks, sees cus- tomers wanting higher power and more transparent fuel systems. "This is pushing us to develop fuel components that work with the OE return-less and PWM-controlled systems to support 1,000-plus-hp street cars with relatively stock fuel systems that are daily- drivable," he notes. Recent advancements include the rise in popularity of brushless options. "Since our introduction of brushless fuel pumps to the market over 10 years ago, brushless fuel pumps have become more common in the aftermarket industry," says Brian Paitz, president of FUELAB. Johnson Barrick, VP sales/marketing for Aeromotive Fuel Systems, agrees that "brushless technology has taken off lately. The horsepower that some of these street cars are running is insane, and they aren't slowing down. The ability to run a quiet, in-line brushless 10-gpm pump that reli- ably supports 6,900 hp has changed the fuel pump market." Evan Perkins, digital content manager for Holley Performance Products, also notes that brushless technology has been very successful. "These pumps can provide extremely high volumes of fuel with minimal elec- trical consumption," he says. "They are perfect for incredibly high-horsepower competition vehicles and engines that Find Your Flow Tips for identifying the proper fuel pump for any application. By John Carollo 48 THE SHOP MARCH 2021 The entire fuel system must work together to function correctly. (Photos courtesy Aeromotive Fuel Systems)

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