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52 THE SHOP MARCH 2021 Illustrating the strong connection between tech and state of the art, Paitz says a common misconception is "that high- horsepower support and fuel systems are not streetable." Another mistaken belief, says Peckham, is that "bigger is automatically better, espe- cially when it comes to the fuel system. Properly sizing the fuel pump and system to the engine's requirements is critical. Over-fueling results in large volumes of returned, weathered fuel back to the tank. Installing a performance pump on an oth- erwise unmodified engine can cause more harm than good. Putting the right output pump on the application results in better, more efficient performance of the entire system." McDaniel has met many customers who believed that fuel pumps create system pressure. "This is not true," he explains. "Fuel pumps create flow. The pressure is deter- mined by the pressure regulator and fuel pump control module." Mollica's misconception to avoid is that just because two fuel pumps look the same on the outside, it doesn't mean that they Find Your Flow With high-performance engine swaps comes the need for performance fueling, driving demand for higher-output pumps and modules. (Photos courtesy TI Automotive) New technology allows fuel pumps to keep up with ever-increasing horsepower demands. (Photos courtesy Aeromotive Fuel Systems)

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