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MARCH 2021 THE SHOP 53 deliver the same performance, especially when it comes to products from what he calls questionable suppliers. "Before you consider providing fuel pumps to your customers, consider the reputation of the company supplying the products and whether they will stand behind them," he recommends. "If it sounds too good to be true, then it is. There are many established companies in the segment whose products will save you a lot of trouble post-installation." And as fuel pumps evolve, Perkins offers a helpful tip. "A common problem we see in cases where people are swapping from a carbu- retor to EFI is incorrect placement of the fuel return line into the tank," he says. "It should always be below the fuel level so as to not aerate the fuel, which can cause cavitation and damage the pump." WE CAN HELP The idea is to provide customers the proper fuel pump and accessories, and make money doing it. Here are some ideas that might help. Barrick suggests including add-ons and selling the entire fuel system. "Start with the pump, but use the Aero- motive Power Planner to help build out the whole system. The pump is the easy part. Then you can look toward the entire fuel system for proper filters, regulators, plumbing and wiring. It's an educational piece for the customer and can also move the order from $500 to $1,000 by showing them why they need the correct parts to solve their concerns." TI Automotive offers a Pick Your Horse- power tool to help shops identify the cor- rect pump for each application. "Dialing in the projected engine horse- power or liters-per-hour demand of the application generates tailored results to suit the application," Peckham reports. "This is especially useful in custom builds requiring either in-tank or in-line fuel pumps." DeatschWerks' McDaniel notes the importance of stocking the newest part numbers and highlighting the latest appli- cations on social media. Properly sizing the fuel pump and system to the engine's requirements is critical. (Photo courtesy TI Automotive) WWW.BORLA.COM/INSTALLER 1-877-GO BORLA If more customers and profits sounds great, then let's talk about great sound. At Borla ® , we put more passion, investment and innovation into the sound of our exhaust systems than any other brand. To learn how that can boost your bottom line, let's talk. You're gonna like what you hear. Call for your free Borla ® Pro Installer catalog, or download at ProXS ™ and CrateMuffler ® , two of many popular Borla ® product lines for installers.

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