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54 THE SHOP MARCH 2021 Talk to customers about their future goals and explore fuel system options that leave room for growth and multi-fuel flexibility. (Photos courtesy Holley Performance Products) "In the day and age of eCommerce, content is king, so keeping product data up-to-date with the latest photos, tech- nical support documents like specifica- tion data sheets, and product attributes will give you an edge," he says. "Signing up for a free receiver account from PDM Automotive will allow you to stay in the know on the very latest data changes and product additions. You also gain access to all the same support documents that the manufacturers create for their own websites." AEM's Mollica recommends shops begin talking about fuel pump needs at the very beginning of every engine project. "There's no better time to discuss your customer's fuel system than when they want to make more power, so you can direct them to a fuel pump capable of flowing for that goal." He includes suggestions of which ques- tions to ask. "What is the goal? What type of fuel do they want to use? Are they adding or upgrading their forced induction? From there, injector upgrades should be a nat- ural consideration, since no high-flow fuel pump can compensate for injectors that have already been maxed out in duty cycle." Shops can then cover the rest of the fuel system by addressing such add-ons as fuel lines and adjustable fuel pressure regula- tors, he notes. Removing customer worries is always a smart move, says FUELAB's Paitz. "Since many pumps are speed-control- lable, the customer doesn't have to worry about buying too much pump," he says. "They can grow into a pump rather than buying a small one now and having to upgrade later when more horsepower sup- port is needed." In conclusion, Holley's Perkins shines a spotlight on the fuel in fuel pumps. "Understand today's fuel offerings, both at the track and the pump," he says. "Con- sumers have a larger fuel choice today than ever before. E85 is widely available in most states and requires not only an ethanol- compatible pump, but often a larger one. Talk to customers about their future goals with their car and explore fuel system options that leave room for growth and multi-fuel flexibility." Find Your Flow While not always getting the attention they deserve, fuel pumps are crucial to a vehicle's overall performance. (Photo courtesy FUELAB) Removing customer worries is always a smart move. (Photo courtesy FUELAB)

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