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56 THE SHOP MARCH 2021 D oes your shop offer a specialty vehicle appraisal service? Many people who spend their money restoring a classic vehicle, building a hot rod or tricking out a custom off-road ride need to get a cred- ible estimate of the vehicle's value for tax, insurance or personal reasons. Years ago, we had a boss who would say, "The value of any car or truck is some figure between what a seller wants and what a buyer is willing to pay," and that's one way to look at it. However, unexpected sit- uations such as accidents, fires, tax audits, divorces and business failures can create a need to come up with an official value for a vehicle. In 1978, I took a job editing a publi- cation called Old Cars Price Guide that relied on collector car auction results and a panel of experts in particular models to establish estimated prices for thousands of collector cars in five different condition classes. Today, that database—which was frequently updated through the years—is still published annually as a book called Collector Car Prices. APPRAISERS ARE OUT THERE Through working on the Old Cars Price Guide, I learned that vehicle appraisers exist throughout the country. Auto Appraisal Group ( is one trade organization that offers a nationwide network of certified professional agents to help with car appraisals. Members of the AAG offer pre-purchase inspections, total loss appraisals, market value range, diminished value appraisals and many other vehicle value services. Pinnacle car appraisal services (www. is another nationwide group that includes car appraisers who are certified and well-trained. Members of the Pinnacle network also offer diminished Offering How much is that Dodgie in the window? Vehicle Appraisals By John Gunnell While some folks may not realize how much vintage 4x4s have gained in value recently, this restored 1966 IH Scout was appraised at $40,000.

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