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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 A P R I L G R A P H I C S P R O 9 9 Since I already mentioned 3M's Installer Training programs, I'll start with a quick overview of the courses and training resources they oer. For all of these programs, you can find more in- depth information on their websites. e Individual Installer Training programs are broken into three sec- tions. Each one can be taken just for the training or also as preparation for the accompanying testing. All of the testing is done in a one-day test: • 3M Graphic Films Installation Train- ing for windows, walls, oors, and eets (three-day training) • 3M Films Training for Vehicle Color Change (two-day training) • 3M Films Training for Di-NOC Architectural Finishes (two-day train- ing) ere are also two Intro Training pro- grams offered by 3M that are train- ing only, no testing, and are geared to- ward beginners. Both classes are one-day, hands-on training courses for individual installers: • Intro to Windows, Walls, Floors, and Fleets • Style Your Ride – an introductory hands-on training course 3M also offers certification for your business and custom training options conducted on-site at your facility to meet the needs of group training. ere is also Graphics College, which is offered at 3M's corporate headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota. Industry veteran Justin Pate developed Avery Dennison's training courses, which take a hands-on approach to training. e class- es focus on increasing prots and quality while streamlining workow: • Digital Full Print Commercial Work- shop plus Color Change Intro – this is a two-day class for beginner to intermediate installers that are new to the industry or are sign guys look- ing to get into vehicle wraps. is course doesn't require any previous experience. • Avery Color Change Workshop – this is also a two-day course for intermediate to advanced installers. is class focuses on color-change wraps and reviews advanced cutting and install techniques that cut install times and increase prots. Before taking the Avery Dennison Certi- cation Exam, this course is recom- mended. e exam is a one-day test that combines a written exam, digital full-print vinyl, window perf vinyl, and color-change vinyl. Arlon's Advanced Vehicle Wrap Training course is a two-day in-depth program for interme- diate to advanced installers. It focuses on the commercial vehicle wrap industry. It teaches troubleshooting, panel alignment and registration, tips to avoid media distortion during installation, and how the components of wrap lms aect the installation process. Any tools and media needed for the class are provided, and as with other training programs, attendees receive a tool kit to take home. A wide variety of media types are available, so you get hands-on experi- ence working with them. e training course is also designed to prepare you for Arlon's Certication test, which combines six hands-on sta- tions with a written test. is one-day test builds condence in the installer and provides a listing in their certi- ed applicator directory, a swag kit, and certication logos for marketing. There are two educa- tion courses oered by OR AFOL that are designed to make installers procient in applying OR AFOL and KPMF brand lms. Both courses are two-day classes: • ORAFOL/KPMF Professional Wrapping Academy – a beginner to intermediate class that covers mate- rial composition and choosing the right lm, selling vehicle wraps, and hands-on experience with dierent types of lms to build condence. No previous experience is required for this class. • ORAFOL/KPMF Vehicle Wrap Certication Course – an advanced class that covers more advanced application skills and business de- velopment methods in a classroom setting and through hands-on train- ing. e course also prepares you for the Certication Hands-on Exam, which covers commercial graphics and wrap installations, solid color change wrap installations, and printed reective graphics applica- tions. ere is an online exam after the hands-on exam. Revisiting my earlier point, it is ab- solutely worth it to invest in education. Explore all of the available options for training to elevate your shop. GP CHARITY JACKSON is co-owner of Visual Horizons Custom Signs based in Modesto, California. She has been in business since 1995, and has worked in the sign industry for over 25 years. You can visit her website at There are a few considerations to take into account when choosing the right training class for you.

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