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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 A P R I L G R A P H I C S P R O 1 0 1 of the U.S.), so the longevity of the n- ished product would still be fairly good. A north-facing sign or logo will last the longest of all, of course, but east is the next best thing. After designing the wall display, and getting the design and the cost approved, we were soon on to waterjet cutting (though the cutting could just as easily have been done with a router), then print- ing and applying the graphics. One thing we did not do was laminate these photo prints applied to our cutouts. Laminate coat is great for abrasion resistance, pow- er washing, and so forth, but my experi- ence has been that adding a laminate layer doesn't help much against UV exposure, and may at times be counterproductive. For this job, we used only white alumi- num laminate sheet, with cast vinyl color applied to the letters, and high-grade digi- tal prints applied to a pair of photographic cutouts. Everything would be installed on a metal building with an odd, wide corru- gation pattern, secured with stainless steel athead screws, oset from the wall with plastic tubing spacers. Each screw head would be countersunk and made to match the color it went into perfectly. Stainless steel screws are worth their extra cost many times over, since there won't ever be a problem of rust stains on our client's building when the screws age and weather. On a light-colored wall, rust staining is a real issue, and even more like- ly when spacing things o the wall since more of the screws will be exposed to the weather and eventually rust. As mentioned, every screw was to be The install was a one-man job, as all the parts were light and easy to work with. Large photo prints were made of the best digital material and printed with the best ink on a high-quality setting, but no laminate was added. All the screws used were stainless steel, and some were powder coated in advance. An accurate image with plenty of measurements goes to the job, along with matching vinyl dots to cover some of the screw heads.

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