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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 A P R I L G R A P H I C S P R O 1 1 take on a lot of responsibility. And then when we started a third business in a facil- ity we bought next door, except for signing loans and thinking strategically, there was just no way to take a hands-on approach. In both cases, each company outgrew our sign business within just a few years. ough I am involved in both businesses to some degree, each has proved that there are still unsung heroes living among us, and when they are given a lot of freedom, plenty of encouragement, and maybe a lit- tle rm ground to stand on, they can do great things, amazing things. And they can do them better with the old crawdad sher standing on the sidelines. Sloan, Slade, Tyston, Juan, Trey, Wes, David, Amy, and others, plus Heather and Frances at the sign shop, are being given more freedom than ever, and all have tal- ents and abilities that need to be tested and stretched. At this point in the game, I am glad to let them do just that. After all, now I'm the grandparent, and I've got little ones that need to know how to catch crawdads, sh, frogs, and all things natural, and that takes a bit of time. And taking me away from the shop on occa- sion is not a waste if we're making memo- ries they'll remember when they're my age. I know for a fact that's a real possibility. Anytime I get a chance to be their su- perhero, I intend to take it. After all, that's my best job yet! e sign work will still be there when I get back to it. Have a great month. RICK WILLIAMS owns Rick's Sign Company, a com- mercial sign shop in Longview, Texas. He has been in the sign industry since 1973 and has been a contributing editor to Sign Business and Sign & Digital Graphics since 1986. Contact Rick via email at Excellent elasticity, perfect fastnesses, soft touch, easy to use and free from pollutants – what are your demands for textile printing? Don't worry, with our PRINTPERFEKT series you don't have to decide. Enjoy almost infi nite freedom to create your print designs on any garment. No compromises on performance or environmental friend- liness – with the water-based screen printing solutions from CHT. More about us at NO. YES. DESIGN WITHOUT LIMITS. EXCEEDING EMISSION LIMITS. CHT_Anz_PRINTPERFECT_117,47x187,32_EN_210226_RZ.indd 1 26.02.21 08:30

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