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3 0 S U B L I M A T I O N R E P O R T 2 0 2 1 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M W hen I was asked to write an arti- cle on color-matching solutions, I wondered what I could possi- bly bring to the table that hasn't already been done or said by some great members of the sublimation industry. Now here's the thing: color matching means a few differ- ent things to different people. For most it's matching a certain shade of blue in a com- pany logo or getting a sky to actually come out blue, or the skin tone on a person to not have a green tint to it. Sometimes, peo- ple are referring to a color looking faded as well. There have been numerous articles released over the years, long and short, by various authors (including one by yours truly published last year), and when searching for videos online, I found a variety of resources on YouTube by sublimation industry voices such as Condé and JDS Industries. The problem is these great resources are out there and online, but they are all over the place and can be hard to find. I thought what might be helpful for those who have missed these great re- sources or if you are new to sublimation (welcome to the industry!) is to recap some top tips and provide a resource list for you to watch or read at any time— whether to remind yourself or learn for the first time and grow your confidence when it comes to color in your dye-sub- limation business. TOP TIPS Let's start with top tips for dealing with color and your equipment. These are quick things to do, check, and keep in mind: 1 Perform a nozzle check. A. Keep in mind that the print head may need to be cleaned if the nozzle check pattern shows gaps. There are several ways to initiate a print head cleaning on various printers. For complete instruc- tions on print head cleaning, see your printer manual. 2 Sublimate the nozzle check. 3 Make sure you are in RGB color mode. 4 Are you using the correct paper and the correct side of the paper? 5 Make sure you are printing with the correct color profile. 6 Use the correct driver settings : Photographic? Vivid? Fabric? 7 Make sure that the color printing is set up to include all colors, not only one. 8 Check the heat press platen temperature. COLOR B Y J E N N I F E R F O Y TIPS, TRICKS, AND RESOURCES TO HELP TROUBLESHOOT COLOR- MATCHING CHALLENGES COLOR Matchmaker For a large chunk of people, color matching means matching a certain shade of blue (or other color) in a company logo. S U B L I M AT I O N R E P O R T 2 0 2 1

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