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A P P A R E L D E C O R A T I N G The main focus of childrens- wear is com- fort, though you will see trends inspired by adult styles. (Image cour- tesy Monag Apparel) K ids taught us a lot this last year (new math, tik tok, how stress- ful it can be being a teacher …), but perhaps the best thing that we can all take away from their habits is dressing for comfort. ink about it: It's become the running joke of business on top and stretch (or no) pants on the bot- tom as many have adjusted to working from home. And no one knows the joys of being able to easily sit crisscross-apple- sauce on the oor, the couch, or that weird corner you've perched your computer in as children do. COMFORT CAUSE Childrenswear has long been the coziest of clothes. A hallmark of childrenswear is to make sure kids are comfortable, says Amit Gupta, Monag Apparel. is is seen through soft, stretchy fabrics. "Any material that is soft, comfort- able, and durable," expands Tami Miller, LAT Apparel about childrenswear. And if you're wondering what classies as child- renswear, it could be because it encom- passes such a large range. "It can include everyone from newborns to teens," says Gupta. "Just, basically, not adults!" Kid's Kulture TRENDS IN CHILDRENSWEAR B Y C A R L Y H O L L M A N 5 6 G R A P H I C S P R O A P R I L 2 0 2 1 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M

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