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A P P A R E L D E C O R A T I N G 6 4 G R A P H I C S P R O A P R I L 2 0 2 1 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M S O F T W A R E T O S U B S T R A T E areas and kept the shadow and mid-tone areas under control. Since this was a promotional show type piece, we used up every head. We also re- purposed the eorts to include a client who will be rolling out new LC standard colors. We picked the brightest inks avail- able, while primary and secondary color theory would be used. Couldn't go wrong with vivid complementary purples, blues, red, yellow, and orange. Even though we didn't think we would require a black screen, we used a black channel to select from and knock out col- ors for shadows. e black of the fabric reected that channel. Of course, once the image was completely done for black Once the image was completely done for black shirts, our client requested "a few purple shirts." We anticipated this and used our black channel with a few mods and removed the purple screen along with those areas on the base plates. side and a dark side.ere was a lot of white because of all the snow. To avoid too much white, we added levels and vol- ume using our blues with removal again for some of our base to create secondary tones for dimension. e blues fell back and pushed the brightness of the white forward. We had so many highs and lows in this design that we created two separate base plates. We call them soft and hard bases. e soft was for mid-tone and subtle areas like the space gases ac- centing the color. Some of these den- sities fell to 5-10% with just enough inuence. e hard base is a severe- ly choked version of the soft but with most opaque portions of the colors and the most vivid included. is re- ally moved up the drama of the colorful

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