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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 A P R I L G R A P H I C S P R O 9 3 two icons are aligned and will move as the brush is dragged (Figure 4). Photoshop has an extra feature called the Clone Source panel, accessed from the Window menu that controls numer- ous characteristics of the tool including the size, angle, and oset among others (Figure 5). HEALING In many ways, the Healing brush per- forms like the Clone Stamp. e process of sampling is similar, but the application of the sampled areas to the image diers. When the sampled area is painted onto the target area, it automatically takes on the characteristics of the surrounding pix- els of the target area, thereby seamlessly blending the content. e Spot Healing brush is a variation of the Healing brush with the added feature that no sampling is required. Just choose a brush size that is a little bigger than the awed area. Drag it over the area to be healed and voilĂ ! e area is replaced by perfectly matched pixels (Figure 6). PATCHING e Patch tool is designed to patch a se- lected area. It works well on large areas in need of repair. e initial selection can be made with the Patch tool activated or any of the other selection tools. With the Patch tool selected, click and drag the se- lection marquee over a similar region of the image. A live preview of the content is displayed in the destination area. When the content looks right, release the mouse (Figure 7). Like the Healing brush and the Spot Healing brush, the Patch tool blends the new content with the surround- ing pixels. DUST AND SCRATCHES Superf luous artifacts are unavoidable when scanning old photos. ese aws are easily removed with the Dust and Scratches (D&S) filter found in both Adobe Photoshop and Corel Photo- PAINT. Its Radius and reshold sliders help dene edges. e D&S lter is a powerful tool for eliminating a good deal of the unwanted debris from an image. D&S works won- ders if you're scanning a batch of old pic- tures from your grandmother's scrapbook, or that old team shot from your high Figure 6. Drag the Spot Healing brush over the area to be healed. The area is replaced by perfectly matched pixels. This image has been restored with a combination of the Clone Stamp, the Healing brush, and the Spot Healing brush.

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