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42 THE SHOP MAY 2021 CAR Profile p.50 Heat & Sound Control p.56 Performance Products p.62 MAY 2021 W hen it comes to the performance exhaust market, it's important to remember that there's more there than meets the eye. Drivers can be aware of certain brands of mufflers or headers, and maybe even know the differences between them. Yet, they often don't fully grasp the concept of exhaust components working together as a system that can have a direct effect on vehicle performance. Piecemeal information found on the internet can lead buyers to miss the mark when pairing headers, pipes and mufflers for particular applications. Knowledgeable shops like yours can alleviate the guessing, putting together effective systems that work well and sound great. Component suppliers are standing by to help as well, offering tech updates and product news to help with this exhausting work. TECH TALK Once little more than a basic combination of headers, straight pipes and a turbo muf- fler, exhaust systems these days match the high-tech nature of many new vehicles, offering customization opportunities for a variety of street and race applications. And that includes what they're made of. "New technologies impacting the cat- egory from top exhaust system manu- facturers are the use of lightweight and more resilient materials in manufac- turing," says Mohammed Ayad, divi- sional purchasing manager for Turn 14 Distribution, the sole U.S. automotive distributor for the Akrapovič aftermarket exhaust line. "Inconel castings are being specifically optimized for some of the most rigorous applications and provide durability in high-heat environments and significant weight savings. Titanium is used in premium systems and allows for We Hear You By John Carollo Broadcasting the basics of the performance exhaust market. Customers will rely on you to match them with the proper performance exhaust compo- nents. (Photo courtesy Borla Performance Industries)

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