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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 J U N E G R A P H I C S P R O 2 3 part, keeping the hole locations away from the seams or cracks in the boards. All the parts were lined up with a paper pattern showing the exact placement of each part, and the hole locations were marked. The holes in the straps were also located, put- ting two bolts in each board, spaced cor- rectly and symmetrically. The metal parts were drilled on a drill press. After that, a counter sink bit was used on the drill press to get the right re- cess in each hole so the heads of the flat- head screws were truly flush with the sur- face of the metal. One strap was used as a pattern and all other straps were drilled the same, al- lowing for two bolts through each board. Each strap was beveled a bit at the top to identify the orientation since the hole pattern might not be perfectly reversable. These holes were also counter-sunk for the 3/16" stainless bolts that would be used to squeeze the boards together. A fiber-type flap disk of a fine grit was used to smooth the burr on the back edges of all metal parts, and to prep the front sides of the metal items for powder coat- ing. All that was left was hanging them on a rack and doing one last cleaning for dust and contaminants before they were sprayed and baked in the oven. But, before carrying the parts to the powder coating shop, t wo hardware items needed to be made to ensure this sign would hang and swing in the wind for many years without the hardware pulling out of the wood. Two medium- sized eye screws, made of 1/4" round steel with threaded ends, were modified with a couple of small pieces of flat stock cut to shape on the waterjet. The flat steel items were welded to the ends of the eye screws. These flat pieces provided a hole that would line up with the topmost hole in the metal straps. Secured in this way — to the metal straps holding the sign together — the eyes cannot pull out like they could if just screwed into wood. The two notches made in the top boards that allowed this to fit together were last filled with clear ep- oxy, which will prevent any motion of the hardware, reducing some wear and tear. Powder coating is the easiest step, and even if we had to contract that out, the bill would be fairly small. Prior to as- sembling the sign, our trimmed and

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