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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 J U N E G R A P H I C S P R O 6 5 offering? Do you showcase and invento- ry an especially wide array of products? Understand the difference between your business offerings and others around you. If you strictly sell on the internet, the same applies no matter where your com- petition is located. Remember, in the end, your prices must cover all costs includ- ing a reasonable salary and a fair profit. As many businesses don't make it more than a few years, you cannot rely on your competitor's prices to assess making your targeted income and profit. LASERING YOUR CUSTOMER'S PRODUCT When you sell products along with your lasering services, you have more income to cover your costs. Lasering your customers' products does not afford you this oppor- tunity, yet you will still spend time han- dling their products. Consider that you will often need to un- package and repackage a customer's prod- uct. This may seem trivial; however, this time can add up. If you are lasering 100 products for your customer, it can add an hour of work time, so consider charging a higher lasering fee. What about a laser- ing job that does not go well? Who pays for replacing the product? Other potential costs: time to figure out how to best laser the product (like a fold-up knife), prod- uct holders, testing text size and angle on scrap, etc. We would often laser or sandcarve prod- ucts for third-party businesses such as oth- er shops or marketing firms and promo- tional product brokers. Product was often purchased by the third party and drop- shipped to us and required a lot of han- dling time. Many third parties want the services at a discount, yet we were not making any income on the sale of the product that would cover our product handling time. This was considered in our third-par- ty pricing, especially when we realized many third parties lacked the industry & Antares, Inc. Engraving Cutters, Vinyl Blades & Router Tools for all your Sign Making needs 418-4 Caredean Dr., Horsham, PA USA 1.800.355.5250

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