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A W A R D S & C U S T O M I Z AT I O N 7 2 G R A P H I C S P R O J U N E 2 0 2 1 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M M A K I N G S U B L I M A T I O N M O V E S | H O W A R D P O T T E R WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO EXPAND YOUR SUBLIMATION OFFERINGS D oes your company offer sublima- tion? If not, that's OK. This article is for you. Not sure what to add to your sublimation product line and why if you do already offer it? This article is also for you! Sublimation, like many other pro- cesses, has thousands of products to choose from and it can be overwhelm- ing to know what and how much to of- fer. As business owners, we need to look at what equipment we have to work with, research the product, size of our produc- tion space, who are our customers, and how we are going to market to them. THE PRODUCT Our company owns three heat presses that only heat press flat surfaces, a hat press, a convection oven, and a sublima- tion printer. Knowing what your equip- ment is capable of is important when selecting new products to sublimate. If you do not have the equipment for the product you want to bring in, then you have another cost to add, so it is im- portant to take a step back and double check that your equipment can handle any new product(s). Researching the product is important. Is it a fad or not? Is it easy to sublimate? How is the stock on this item? If some- thing is a fad, be cautious. Make sure that you get in early on the trend and don't carry too deep of stock or you could be stuck with it. If you get in ear- ly enough on the fad, you can capitalize and make a healthy profit quickly, but just keep your eyes open and pay atten- tion to how sales are moving to reduce any backend potential loss in stock of the item. If the item is not a fad, that is usually a safer item to move to next. Just be aware that your competition will most likely have this product, too, so make sure you Above: Before you add a new product to your sublimation offerings, do your research. Is it a fad? Is it easy to subli- mate? Do you have the right customer base? Right: Your goal should always be to maximize your profitability within your workspace. (All images courtesy Howard Potter)

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