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5 0 C U S T O M G I F T A N N U A L 2 0 2 1 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M P ersonalization can increase the val- ue of your products up to 400% . So why not go bigger? AP Lazer engraving and cutting machines are de- signed with large, heavy, and irregular- shaped objects in mind. From tumblers to granite monuments, an open-architec- ture design allows for no weight or size restrictions. Here are five objects you can engrave using these lasers: 1 Bar stools: Grab yourself a $20 stool from the local Walmart and transform it into a unique treasure. Depending on the artwork and customization, stools like this go for $100 and up. 2 Signage: Producing large-scale signs for local businesses can be a lucrative opportunity. 3 Wine Barrels: Large barrels are truly a unique commodity and can even be quite expensive. Because of their uniqueness, you'll be sure to make your money back after you add a custom engraving. 4 Flooring: A P Lazer's design makes it possible to remove the laser top and place it directly onto a surface such as flooring. 5 Granite Memorials: From wood- en and metal caskets to granite memorials and even musical in- struments, open-architecture machines can provide a truly unique life celebration through personalization. CGA LIST 1 2 Images courtesy AP Lazer P ersonalization can increase the val ue of your products up to 400% . So why not go bigger? AP Lazer Big Profits C O U R T E S Y O F A P L A Z E R Big Profits Big Engravings =

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