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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 J U L Y G R A P H I C S P R O 7 7 HEAR KENNY TALK ABOUT THE BUSINESS'S HISTORY, WHAT'S NEW, ALL THE CHALLENGES THEY'VE FACED, AND MORE IN THE GRAPHICS PRO FILES PODCAST: The key to keeping these kinds of beliefs intact, Kenny feels, is to never give up. "We have faced many challenges over 70 years including a fire, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and then COVID-19 along with dozens of smaller challenges in be- tween," he elaborates. "There is always a solution to every problem and often that solution makes you better." Perhaps that's why he has some interest- ing yet strong words of wisdom to share with other graphics professionals: "Be flexible and know that change is inevita- ble. It is great to have a plan, but you also have to be ready to change or completely abandon that plan if the need arises." He adds that it's also crucial to listen to your customers and provide the best solution possible from your products and services. All of that combined plus some good business practices are just some of the mo- tivators that have kept Walker Companies in business for so long. And as for the fu- ture, Kenny has a few thoughts: "Our goal is to keep up with our industry's advance- ments and be able to provide the next gen- eration of marking devices, signs, and pro- motional items needed for our customers." "70 years is not something many com- panies get to celebrate. Being a small, family-owned and operated company has its challenges. We owe much of our success to our great staff … We would like to thank all our customers for com- ing back again and again." GP CASSIE GREEN is the executive editor of GRAPHICS PRO magazine, and previously served as the editor for A&E magazine. You can reach her at 720-566-7278 or

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