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when it is time to change the graphic, but because adhesive bonds grow stronger over time, even removable adhesives will be- come permanent after a certain amount of time. This is particularly important to express to customers so that their expec- tations are realistic. Even with varying levels of adhesives and requirements to consider for the job, various graphics can be produced using the same or similar equipment consisting of a plotter, printer, laminator, and com- puter, states Harmon. And while printers are available in a variety of ink compat- ibilities and have different traits that may dictate what type of graphics that a graph- ics professional is able to make, they are largely capable of allowing for one-stop shopping. For instance, some ink types like eco- solvent are widely available and compat- ible with many different types of films, explains Harmon, including latex, UV, and solvent. All it takes is ensuring the Adhesive vinyl has come a long way over the decades and now there are very few surfaces to which you can't apply graphics. (Image courtesy Mactac) Even the simplest graphics have importance in the market. (Image courtesy FDC Graphics Film) The creativity of graphics and their messaging capabili- ties are limitless. (Image courtesy General Formulations) Vehicle graphics that catch the eye and share the most important information tend to have the biggest impact. (Image courtesy General Formulations) Floor graphics are often temporary but add a big punch to an event. (Image courtesy General Formu- lations) Graphic films help build a mood or idea for an event or business. (Image courtesy Gen- eral Formulations) 9 0 G R A P H I C S P R O J U L Y 2 0 2 1 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M GET A GLIMPSE INTO THE VARIOUS TYPES OF GRAPH- IC FILM APPLICATIONS WITH THESE TECHNICAL TIPS: • Floor Graphics – • Window Graphics – • Wallcoverings – • Vehicle Wraps –

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