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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 A U G U S T G R A P H I C S P R O 3 3 But for shops that need something extra, like a large-format press or even a specialty press, there are other factors to consider. "Large format will require more power, be used for larger image areas, and is not nec- essarily the most efficient way to print very small areas, due to much longer loading times and heat platen idle times," Knight points out. "Your business model will dictate what type of press you need," Robinson adds. "Most people are fine purchasing the largest platen for a normal garment press, a 16" X 20" size. This size offers a lot of flexibility, allowing you to print oversize jerseys, jackets, team uniforms, and more." The same mindset applies to shops look- ing at cap or mug presses. "Most people will purchase a cap or mug press when their customers consistently ask them, 'Do you print caps/mugs,'" says Robinson. If there's a profitable market for caps, then it makes sense to purchase a cap press. Beyond the size and style conversation, maintenance also has a place in shop's dis- cussion. While heat presses are fairly simple when it comes to maintenance, the top pri- ority is cleanliness. "Make sure the press is kept clean, especially the silicone padding and heat platen," emphasizes Knight. "Even the best machine can use a little grease now and then," adds Coëme. "Keep your machine clean and the pad safe from transfer inks and impact of sometimes-harder substrates by using pad protectors." But when it comes down to it, Robinson has one simple piece of advice for those pur- chasing a heat press: "Always purchase the best quality press you can afford." There are so many ways a shop can use this equipment, and so many opportunities for expansion, that this makes perfect sense. "Ultimately demand will drive produc- tion," Coëme finishes. "Investments in these techniques can be high, but there are entry- level solutions for both, and well within the range of print shops who (are) considering an expansion." HGR CASSIE GREEN is the execu- tive editor of GRAPHICS PRO magazine, and previously served as the editor for A&E magazine. You can reach her at 720-566-7278 or HOT GRAPHICS REPORT CALL ATTENTION TO ANY BRAND Floor Graphics are the perfect addition to your product o•ering. Ideal for any market that needs signage – retail, schools, o-ces, gyms, and more! Full color, detailed graphics Durable and scu•-resistant Features embossed laminate for protection UL 410 approved for slip resistance Available in custom shapes and sizes up to 25" x 36" LEARN MORE: GP0821 STAHLS.COM | 800.478.2457 hijklmn CADPRINTZ ® FULL COLOR FLOOR GRAPHICS

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