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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 A U G U S T G R A P H I C S P R O 7 7 out the dust and VOCs from the airstream. The purified air is then recirculated into the room. So, you can completely avoid the need for having fixed ducting and any holes bored through the walls. All you have to do is con- nect the laser to the filtered fume extractor with the supplied air hose and plug it into the wall — plug and play. When purchas- ing the fume extractor, tell the seller what model laser you use. The extractor manu- facturer will provide a custom hose kit that will perfectly connect your laser to the fume extractor. Outdoor Venting Potential Pitfall No. 2: Deciding where the blower and the ducting will be located needs to be discussed between you, the landlord, the HVAC contractor, and the construction contractor. Coordinating the discussion and agreeing on the final loca- tion can be a challenge and is often an exer- cise in compromise between what you want, and what is prohibited or restricted by either building code or the landlord's policies. Simplified Solution: The filtering fume extractor can be placed anywhere within 8' of the laser with the supplied air hose. If you need a longer hose, consult with the manufacturer and additional hosing can be ordered. You can even ask the manufacturer for a CAD model of the extractor so you can input it into your own or your architect's 3D CAD software and hash out your physical workflow within a virtual layout. Extractors come in all shapes and sizes, so you will be able to choose one that optimizes your workspace. Some are designed to serve as a base for the laser to sit on. Some can fit underneath a table, and/or have a slim design to save lateral space. Outdoor Venting Potential Pitfall No. 3: Blowers are not usually sold with a cabinet enclosure nor speed controls. They can be noisy given that the mechanical whirring sounds emanate, unattenuated, into the room when the blower is running at maxi- mum speed. Simplified Solution: All filtering fume ex- tractors have speed controls that allow you to adjust the power so you can balance your fume extraction requirement against your comfort level with respect to workplace noise. In addition, most filtering fume ex- tractors have silencers and noise abatement technology built in. Outdoor Venting Potential Pitfall No. 4: Selecting an appropriate blower can be a complicated process. In order to meet the la- ser's airflow requirements, you have to match the blower's airflow and power curves to the air resistance created by the ducting length, number of bends in the ducting, and duct di- ameter. You will need to contract an HVAC engineer to run the engineering calculations to be certain that you meet your evacuation requirements while staying within building code. Simplified Solution: Experienced filtered fume extractor and laser manufacturers will have charts that match up the fume extrac- tor size to the model of laser of your choice. The chart is based on proven performance, so you can be sure that the combination will work for you. Outdoor Venting Potential Pitfall No. 5: Whenever you are exhausting pollutants to the outdoors, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can get involved. The EPA must be satisfied that the contaminated air being emitted to the outdoors and the equipment used is in compliance with cur- rent standards. This can be a lengthy pro- cess involving permit applications, testing, equipment evaluations, and regulatory pa- perwork. Your neighbors may also object to the toxins being sent their way, which may lead to complaints to the landlord and/or the municipality. Simplified Solution: You can avoid the EPA altogether by eliminating airborne emissions to the environment with a filtering fume extractor. The filters remove the con- taminants so that the air can be recirculated back into the room. Outdoor Venting Potential Pitfall No. 6: Let's say that business is going great with your first laser and the blower venting setup you've invested in. Now, you want to install a second laser to capitalize on your momen- tum. Unfortunately, you'll have to upgrade Trotec Laser USA Trotec Laser USA A Tailored Fit Laser solutions to help you grow business

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