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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 S E P T E M B E R G R A P H I C S P R O 2 1 to make sure that the brand stood out. BloomBox initially worked with Infan- tree, a design agency in Lancaster, Penn- sylvania, to get their custom design locked down. "We picked Infantree as they … have a very good reputation for doing top-quality work. They were able to take our ideas of what we wanted the vans to look like and brought them to life. They listened to us and brought in some of their own ideas, too," Courian says. BloomBox's work with Infantree is what connected them to Cassel. "Infantree has worked with Cassel on other projects and suggested them as they have had great ex- periences with their work," Courian con- tinues. From that moment, a partnership was born. PROJECT PARTNERS Andrew Mobarak, vice president of Cassel, says that the company's mission statement is to "Make Vehicle Graphics Easy." This was no different when they took on the project of putting designs on BloomBox's fleet of vans. Opened in 1945, Cassel has had a long time to master the craft of vehicle graph- ics design and installation. The company initially started as a one-man shop that specialized in hand truck lettering, but as the industry evolved, so has Cassel. Cassel now has 25 employees, multiple sites, and is driven by technology. The business has grown by being focused on commercial fleet graphics, according to Mobarak. These factors made Cassel the perfect partner for BloomBox to help grow its business and solidify its brand image on a larger scale. BloomBox's inquiry to Cassel was also special in another way. Mobarak recalls, "The exciting vision and growth they are experiencing, as well as the awesome de- sign they brought, made this an exciting project to work on. We rarely do full van wraps with the roof covered, and with a message on top." Cassel didn't just get to work on what they specialize in, but they got to do something a little more unique for their trade that helped keep the com- pany's horizons growing. "There was lots of collaboration with Infantree and BloomBox throughout the project. Infantree was doing the design and brand management work for BloomBox, and we worked with them to make sure the company's design was displayed on the vans in a way that aligned with their brand objectives," says Cassel's Mobarak. That was one of the key elements in making sure that everyone involved got what they needed out of this. Cassel care- fully followed the designs supplied by In- fantree to ensure that what they were doing was up to BloomBox's standards. "We trusted Cassel with making this come to life and in particular choosing which products to use and the application of it onto our vans," says Courian. The collaboration effort was in full swing, and the project was ready to get started. THE PROCESS With the ideas from BloomBox and the design from Infantree, Cassel was ready to get started on BloomBox's van fleet. Cassel had to decide what materials and products to use so that the designs on the vans would be durable and long-lasting, necessary elements for BloomBox's needs. On the technical side, BloomBox has had to constantly improve its website's functionality to account for more user One of BloomBox's vans with its new design applied and wrapped by Cassel.

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