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Plus, this same ink can be used as a top- coat for operators that need ultimate du- rability and scratch resistance. Using this feature is where you'll see the best level of protection for your print. Wipe-on adhesion promoters There is no shortage of adhesion pro- moters or primers in today's market. These chemicals are manually applied to the sur- face of the material prior to printing. New printer owners often ask which primer or promoter is best. I tell them that there isn't a single product that can be viewed as the solution for every material. However, there are primers that are widely versatile and those are the ones you'll see in many print shops. Like any manual pro- cess, mistakes and/or slow down can occur, so keep that in mind when implementing this method into your production process. 3 6 D I R E C T - T O - S U B S T R A T E R E P O R T 2 0 2 1 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M DIRECT-TO-SUBSTRATE REPORT Above: Get in the habit of quickly testing new products or materials before going into full production. Seen here is the cross-hatch/scoring test. (Image courtesy Applied Surface Technologies LLC) Right: One challenge you can face with UV printing adhesion is failure of print when subjected to water. Using a dual treatment of both flame and Pyrosil (outlined in the article) can help avoid this is- sue. (Image courtesy Applied Surface Technologies LLC)

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