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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 D I R E C T - T O - S U B S T R A T E R E P O R T 3 7 Jettable adhesion promoters Some UV printers have the ability to use jettable primers. Instead of being hand-applied, these primers are applied to the material through the print head, thus saving the extra manual step of wip- ing the products. In most cases, jettable primers occupy a print head slot that is normally occupied by ink or clear/varnish. Because of that, this may not be an option for some operators. For others, this may fit nicely into their printing process. Standalone treatment units This is where it starts to get fun as the market brings continual innovation. Offline units like flame or plasma treatment systems provide the ability to treat large quantities of products quickly and consistently. In many cases, one of these systems can treat enough products for multiple printers. These types of solutions, specifically flame treatment systems, have units specifically designed for cylindrical items like cups and drinkware as well as units that can treat flat items ranging from signs to coolers. Flame treaters are a common selection for their variety of ap- plicable materials. Plus, some units have the ability to produce flame and/or Pyrosil treatments. Some materials may only require a flame treatment to optimize adhesion, while a product like a pint glass requires both the flame and Pyrosil. This dual treatment is what can give those challenging pint glasses the dish-washability you may covet. KNOWLEDGE SHARING: IT HELPS EVERYONE Don't be afraid to ask questions. Whether you ask the applica- tion experts at your printer manufacturer or join an active social media group, chances are you aren't the first person to encounter an adhesion challenge or two. The answer may already be out there, and many of the printer owners I have worked with are open to sharing their experiences. It is something that helps everyone. Don't be scared by adhesion challenges. Be sure to test, adjust, and repeat as needed. Print smart. Print well. Print fast. DSR MICHAEL PERRELLI serves as the Marketing Director at CPS Resources, Innovative Digital Systems, and Focusing on all things product decoration over the past decade, Michael continues to be a contributor of content for industry publications. You can contact him at mi- to discuss UV printers, flame treatment technology, or any of your decoration challenges in further detail. A close view of the nine-burner system of the PYROTRACK. This flatbed flame treater has the ability to utilize flame and/or Pyrosil. (Image courtesy Michael Perrelli)

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