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from order taking, to pre-press, and to fin- ishing can be considered. HIGH-VOLUME SUCCESS Ultimately, finding success with any order is all about maximizing your equipment, managing your time, and managing your customer's expectations, says Stanaway. No matter the niche markets you service, whether it be retail or corporate locations and so on, high-volume equipment can expand your shop's current abilities. High-volume equipment can be the dif- ference in bidding for a job or not. The opportunities available for shops with high-volume equipment only continue to grow. GP JULIA SCHROEDER is a freelance writer based in Chi- cago, Illinois. Previously, she held the position of digital content editor for A&E magazine. She can be reached at print is important." Other factors to pay attention to include substrate stocking and ordering, as well as determining how adding this equipment will affect kitting, packaging, and shipping — every aspect HOW NECESSARY IS ADDITIONAL STAFF FOR HIGH-VOLUME PRODUCTION? Depending on how you have structured your organization, additional staff may be needed to help fulfill orders. However, you may be able to shift responsibilities or cross-train to help with larger volumes. James Stanaway, Epilog, adds, "With a more generous lead time, it's entirely possible to complete high-volume orders during normal hours." G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 S E P T E M B E R G R A P H I C S P R O 5 1

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