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VITAL SIGNS MATT DIXON, EXECUTIVE EDITOR 8 G R A P H I C S P R O O C T O B E R 2 0 2 1 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M (Image courtesy ____________ ) WANT TO KNOW MORE? Feel free to give me a call directly at 720-566-7286 or email me at DIRECTOR OF SALES JAMES "RUGGS" KOCHEVAR EXECUTIVE EXPO SALES MANAGER PRINTWEAR AND A&E MARKETS BRANDY JAMISON-NETH EXPO SALES MANAGER SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS MARKET SARA REESE EVENT SERVICES MANAGER JACKIE RAMSIER EVENT SERVICES COORDINATOR JOIE MARTIN PRESIDENT DAVE POMEROY VICE PRESIDENT / AUDIENCE & EVENTS LORI FARSTAD VICE PRESIDENT / FINANCE KORI GONZALES, CPA VICE PRESIDENT / CONTENT REGAN DICKINSON DIRECTOR OF TECHNICAL SERVICES WOLF BUTLER MULTIMEDIA CONTENT MANAGER DREW COOPER CEO & OWNER ROBERT H. WIEBER, JR. 2800 West Midway Boulevard, Broomfield, Colorado, 80020 ( 800 ) 669-0424 | ( 303 ) 469-0424 | FAX ( 303 ) 469-5730 W W W. G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M PUBLISHER DAN PECKHAM EXECUTIVE EDITOR MATT DIXON MANAGING EDITOR ALLEE BRUCE ART DIRECTOR ERIK WOGEN GRAPHIC DESIGNER IVETH GOMEZ MEDIA CONSULTANT, WEST RYAN APPLEBAUM MEDIA CONSULTANT, EAST DESIREE DELFRARI SALES SUPPORT SYDNEY BATCH CONTRIBUTING WRITERS PAULA AVEN GLADYCH, MATT CHARBONEAU, JENNIFER COX, STEFANIE GALEANO- ZALUTKO, BOB HAGEL, CARLY HOLLMAN, CHARITY JACKSON, TAYLOR LANDESMAN, AARON MONTGOMERY, HOWARD POTTER, STEPHEN ROMANIELLO, KRISTINE SHREVE, RICK WILLIAMS, DOUG ZENDER EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD DAN BAREFOOT, ERICH CAMPBELL, MATT CHARBONEAU, DANE CLEMENT, BOB HAGEL, KERRIE MALLORY-THOMPSON, BRADEN TODD, LON WINTERS EDITORIAL INTERN NATHAN STROMBERG APPLICATION TABLES: INVESTING IN EFFICIENCY MODIFIED HOLE PUNCHES SAVE TIME AND EFFORT 9 STRATEGIES TO SELL AMID SHORTAGES IN THIS ISSUE: T here's a plaque in our office kitchen that says, "He who has a thing to sell and goes and whispers in a well, is not so apt to get the dollars, as he who climbs a tree and hollers." If we translate this good old folksy saying into today's vernacular, it would probably sound something like, "She who prints a perfect sign, may end up doing mighty fine, but she'll probably end up pretty bitter, as her competition thrives on Twitter." OK, groan-inducing lame poetry aside, the point is that if you aren't putting your work up on social media sites, you are missing out on a free way to get your name and work into the public eye. It's possible you've been doing it for years, in which case there are always ways to refine and tweak your methods. There's no reason to be shy about posting. Unless you decide to go off the rails with your content, a focused social media strategy can be nothing but beneficial. And as much as I hate to say it, it's probably expected from you because of the legitimacy it lends to younger generations of potential customers. Here are some things to remember about your social media presence: • You don't need a marketing degree to succeed. Today's social media platforms are simple to use, and you can achieve much by allocating just a few minutes a day to the task. • Treat every piece of content like an investment. Posting may be fast and easy but can still look shoddy if you aren't focused. It's OK to refresh older posts. • Be patient. Audiences don't appear overnight. And remember, your business is some- thing people search for when needed, not a teen pop star that people will just follow. Picture the sense of confidence in your abilities a potential client will feel when they see your history of work and pride laid out on the screen. Sometimes you may feel you're just tossing content out into a void, but that's not the case. • Save the rants for the bar or the burner accounts. Your company account is for your cur- rent and future clients. Tackle controversial topics at your own risk. • Hype everything up. Used a new technique? Share it. First work for a new client? New equipment? Let's see it. Find ways to show your world to your clients. GP IT'S TIME TO BE SOCIAL

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