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rv-pro.com May 2021 • RV PRO • 49 Sutton also works with PressurePro's supply chain to help Pres- surePro leadership and partners coordinate inventory and forecasts. Other women in leadership roles include Nathalie Zaroor, who serves as recreational account manager, and Logistics Specialist Margaux Guzman. Hargrave says one way the company equips its employees is through continuing education. "We always encourage education. My dad did, and we con- tinue to do so," she says. "We work with associations and groups within all of our markets, such as with the RV Women's Alliance and encourage not just women, but all of our partners at Pres- surePro, to be leaders in their industry. Get involved. If there's a seminar, attend it. If there is a class, let's take it. We're all here to continuously push improvement, of the company and each other, and prop each other up along the way." For her part, Hargrave was the first family member to become a full-time employee of Advantage PressurePro, joining in 2004. She started out working in marketing before becoming the chief operating officer as well. Phillip Zaroor: Serial Entrepreneur Hargrave says she and her siblings learned a lot about the busi- ness world from their dad, who founded and ran several businesses over the years. "He had restaurants, clothing stores and he was a top-rated headhunter," Hargrave recalls. At one point, while still a relatively young man, Phillip Zaroor decided to retire – but it didn't last long. "Him wanting to retire early lasted all of three months before Mom told him to get out of the house," Hargrave says with a chuckle. "He didn't know what he wanted to develop and bring to market, but he knew it was something that wasn't out there yet." As fate would have it, a business opportunity presented itself in an unusual way. While Phillip Zaroor was searching for a product to develop, in 1991 he happened upon a truck driver and inventor in town who had formulated an idea – sketched out on a napkin – for a vehicle tire pressure monitor system that would read tire pressure in real time and send alerts to a monitor in the vehicle's cabin. Immediately convinced the idea had merit, Phillip Zaroor bought the idea, developed it, and brought it to market. He founded Advantage Enterprises in 1991. The tire pressure monitoring system, called the TireMate, was unlike anything on the market at the time, according to Hargrave. While that was a strong selling point in some respects, it also meant that her dad had to spend a lot of time educating people about what his product did and why they needed it, she says. "We (kids) really did grow up around TPMS. We watched our dad have to go out and completely start the forming of the entire Advantage PressurePro this year celebrates its 30-year anniversary as a family-owned business. Pictured at the company's headquarters (from left to right) are family members: President and CEO Jason Zaroor; Recreational Account Manager Nathalie Zaroor Wheeler; Rhita Zaroor, co-founder and president of the board; COO and CMO Vanessa (Zaroor) Hargrave; Logistics Specialist Margaux Zaroor Guzman; and Commercial Account Manager Zachary Zaroor.

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