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8 • WRAPS • 2 0 2 1 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M BY M AT T D I XO N Managing Editor W RAPS magazine welcomes you to the 2021 edition of the State of the Wraps Industry report. We conducted a survey of hun- dreds of wraps professionals across the country to take the pulse of the industry and get an idea of where it is headed. From the responses we received this year, it's clear that businesses are dig- ging out after a tough economic climate and that shops are mostly enthusiastic that a major rebound will happen after a year marked by mandatory shutdowns due to COVID-19. SURVEY METHODOLOGY For the purpose of this survey, the wraps business is dened as a shop or individual who designs, prints and/ or installs wraps or vinyl graphics. Participating shops vary in size, and in how exclusively they focus their opera- tions on wraps. This survey was sent in February and March 2021 via email to 99,039 subscribers of GRAPHICS PRO magazine. The survey was also included in electronic newsletters and social me- dia through February and March 2021 for GRAPHICS PRO. This survey was conducted via elec- tronic mail through SurveyMonkey. com and complied with all CAN-SPAM act laws and NBM privacy policy as found here: privacy-statement. GRAPHICS PRO and WRAPS subscriber databases and all survey recipients were provided the same version of the survey. A total of 217 responses were received and no less than 134 responses were received on any one question. Some survey totals equal more than 100% because readers check all of the categories that apply. All statistics and statements found is this report are based upon survey ndings. State of the Wraps Industry Increase significantly 1 1 % Increase 57% Stay the Same 24% Decrease 4% I don't know/I prefer not to answer 4% EXPECTED CHANGE IN REVENUE FOR 2021 FROM WRAPS OUTLOOK Our survey respondents indicated that 68% expected increased revenue this year, with 11% of those respondents saying they expected greatly increased revenue. CHALLENGES Pricing 28% Skilled Installer Availability 21% Competitors 12% Customer Timelines 10% Design Challenges 8% Customer Expectations 7% Printing Challenges 4% Product Reliability 2% I don't know/I prefer not to answer 2% Other 6% 28% of our survey respondents said pricing is their top challenge, followed by difficulty finding trained installers at 21% and heavy competition at 12%. WRAP MEDIA Air-Release Channels 76% Durability 72% Conformability 66% Print Quality/Printability 54% Repositionability 50% Colorfastness/Fade Resistance 41% Price Point 41% Stretchability 40% Lifting Resistance 37% Removability 37% The survey found that wrap shops reported air-release channels (76%), durability (72%), and conformability (66%) were the most important factors when selecting media for a project. OUTSOURCING AND STAFF Installation 18% Printing 16% Design 15% Removal 13% Repair 6% None 56% I don't know/I prefer not to answer 4% The majority of shops responded that they did no outsourcing of any services. 18% of shops outsourced installation and 16% outsourced printing services. The survey also shows that 40% of shops have a single full-time wraps installer on staff. REVENUES Full Graphic/Skin 34% Partial Wrap 32% Simple Decal 17% Complete Color-Change Wrap 6% Color Change/Skin 3% I don't know/I prefer not to answer 8% (high-end, wrap under hood, etc.) TYPES OF VEHICLE JOBS YIELDING HIGHEST REVENUES Survey respondents said that full graphic wraps and partial wraps were the backbone of revenue generation for wrap shops. 34% of shops said full graphic wraps were their top revenue generator, while 32% said the major- ity of revenue came from partial wraps.

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