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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M A utomotive restyling shops must cater to different types of clients and requests, varying from busi- ness advertising to color change wraps, to full-blown custom projects. More clients with high-end show cars and personal ve- hicles are now being drawn to the auto- motive restyling industry because vinyl of- fers temporary customization with more options than paint. Now the sky, and the client's wallet, is the limit! Many clients are looking for a one-of-a-kind wrap that personalizes their vehicle and makes them stand out above all the rest. Because of this, vinyl shops have had to step up their customization game in the last 10 years. Many wrap shops have printing ca- pabilities, or at least can team up with a shop that does. But many shops are look- ing for ways to take their print designs to the next level. With so many different print medias on the market, the options are endless! Many wrap shops that special- ize in custom, more-than-business wraps, have been pushing the limits of printing and wrapping. Pushing the limits is the only way to discover new things, so this is an important part of evolving the vinyl industry. Meet Vinyl Vixen and Slim Sheddy, the infamous wrap dream team from Wrapsesh, located in Mesa, Arizona. This small mom-and-pop shop has a big reputation for full coverage wraps and in- credibly detailed, custom wrap projects. This includes full door jamb wraps, mo- torcycles, helmets, and more! Wrapsesh got their first printer, a Mutoh 1624X Eco-solvent, in 2019 and has been push- ing the limits of printing ever since! In 2020, Mutoh America, Fellers Inc., and Wrapsesh teamed up to give away their original 1624X to one lucky shop that wanted to get into printing with their Print Game Strong Giveaway. Wrapsesh now houses a Mutoh XPJ-1682SR Eco- Solvent Printer, allowing twice the print speed with the dual print heads. Dive into this printing tutorial on how to accomplish printing on color change lms to step up your print game! Printing on color change lms can increase your print quality and give your clients even more custom options for their wrap. For example, printing on a matte metallic silver base adds more color saturation and depth to your print; imagine only being able to print yellow on a white-based print media, versus being able to print a true gold on a metallic-based lm. Please note that many lm manufactur- ers do not recommend printing on their color change lms and may void the war- ranty of the lm. Test prints are key to dial- ing in your printer and guring out what works best for your machine, because all lms can react differently to printer heat and ink. This will be a trial-and-error pro- cess. For the Mutoh eco-solvent printers, it works best with a matte-based lm. It is possible to print on certain color change films with a latex printer as well, but it may require some experimentation. Refer to your printer's manual or manufacturer for better instructions on calibrating your printer to new lms. Also, please note that color change lms are not processed the same way print medias are. If you purchase a partial roll of lm, there may be oils/n- gerprints on the vinyl that will need to be cleaned off beforehand. 1. Media Preparation 2. Dialing in Your Printer 3. Test Prints 4. Send it, Bro! 5. Gas Out and Lamination Print Tutorial: How to Print on Color Change Vinyl Films BY M U TO H I M AG E S C O U R T E SY M U TO H continued on page 50 FEATURED PRODUCTS: • Avery Dennison SW900 Brushed Aluminum • ORAFOL 970RA Matte Silver Metallic • 3M 2080 Satin Ghost Flip • Mutoh XPJ-1682SR Dual Head Eco- Solvent Printer Flexi RIP software • Marubu Clear Shield Liquid Laminate 12 • WRAPS • 2 0 2 1

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