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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M W i t h o v e r 2 , 2 0 0 v e h i c l e templates and over 1,100 Wrapulator PDFs on thebad-, it can feel like searching be- comes overwhelming. Luckily, we have multiple ways to nd the templates, or Wrapulator PDFs, you need. If you know the template number of your vehicle (the last four digits of a vehicle template's name), the fastest method is typing it into the search eld in the upper right corner of the web- page. Hit Enter/Return, and the search returns exactly that vehicle template. Using the search eld makes gen- eral searches easy. For example, you can type "Ford Transit" into the search eld to see all Transits on the site. If entering a search of "ProMaster" in that search eld, you'll see "Product Type," "Model," and "Van Body Style" options in the sidebar menu. Narrow your search by selecting the Template or Wrapulator check boxes. The next sidebar menu option is "Model." Because ProMaster has a smaller variant called the ProMaster City, rene your search by clicking on the ProMaster model you're looking for. Finally, you have "Van Body Style," which lets you filter ProMaster van searches with two roof options and one extended body option. With gen- eral van searches, it's important to select the product type, model, and van body style (if there's more than one option). Truck searches are similar. One important difference is the "Truck Body Style" sidebar menu. This menu allows you to select a cab style. It's im- portant to know if the truck has a regular, extended, crew or mega cab. When clicking on any template thumbnail, you'll go to the product page. There you can see the available views included with the template and read the vehicle template description. Each truck will have the bed length called out in the titles. For example, template 2021 Ford F-150 XLT Extended Cab Standard Bed 3341 has a standard bed. Cars, SUVs and CUVs are simple to search for. Just type the brand and model of vehicle, and the search returns available templates and Wrapulator PDFs. Another option is the black-and- gray category menu bar at the top of the It's a simple way to start your search, and the sidebar menu op- tions let you easily narrow down your choices. SEARCH TIPS 1.) You can search by a product's tem- plate number. 2.) We have a full product list avail- able. Email admin@thebadwrap. com for a copy. 3.) The top black category menu bar is a drop down menu. This allows you to search for either templates or Wrapulator PDFs. 4.) The grey menu bar will show you the entire collection of templates or Wrapulator Estimates. 5.) We have a FAQs page that answers common search questions, too. 6.) Use our contact us page on the- Call toll free at 855- 337-9727 or email us at admin@ with your search questions. 7.) Templates and Wrapulator PDFs cover multiple model years. Each product page has a description that includes the model years a template covers. Finding the Right Template C O U R T E SY O F T H E BA D W R A P I M AG E S C O U R T E SY T H E BA D W R A P 2 0 2 1 • WRAPS • 15

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