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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M W hile many self-employed in- stallers work solo, most wrap shops will have multiple in- stallers on site. Tandem wrapping with a partner is a great way to not only mentor an apprentice, but it can also make your installations much more efcient! A pan- el that may take 20-30-minutes to pull when wrapping solo, like on a bumper, will only take 5-10 minutes to pull with a team of two. Here we will show you how to accomplish the "glass out" or "full pull" method. This strategy works great for low tack color change films that are user-friendly. We recommend this method for Avery Dennison, Cheetah Wrap, and other color change lms that are easy to reposition. However, you will see that this method also works with high- tack lms, like the ORAFOL 970RA featured in this tutorial. This will require some nesse and intuition on the installer's part as you need to be able to read the vinyl and understand how it behaves. Dive in with the infamous wrap duo, Slim Sheddy and Vinyl Vixen, from Wrapsesh. Located in Mesa, Arizona, this small mom-and-pop shop has an above and beyond reputation and is most well- known for full coverage and crazy custom wraps. Promoting good vibes and high ves, this charismatic couple is raising the standard for what a wrap can truly be and has garnished worldwide recognition. 1. Prep Work 2. Installation 3. Trimming 4. Finishing STEPS Prep: Prep the panel surface by spray- ing a 50/50 isopropyl alcohol and dis- tilled water mix using a microber towel to wipe. De-greaser works well for oil or dirt. Clay bar is an even further step to remove any contaminants on the surface. Finish off with a 50/50 mix wipe down. Prep: Take extra care to clean under any rubber seals or trim pieces. A wrap is only as good as the surface, so prep is essential for success! Wrap will not stick to grease, and dirt creates raised imper- fections under your wrap. Prep: Lay masking tape over any nearby surfaces to prevent accidental damage during trimming. If needed, lay down your 3M Knifeless tape just before installation. Prep: Pre-trim your vinyl panel with approximately 2"–3" of "bleed" to all sides to get that wrap-around install. Trim any excess lm that will get in your way, like in the wheel well. Prep: Make a tape marker using masking tape. Spread the pieces of tape out on the edges of the vinyl. This will give you a target on where to set your film during your full-pull installation. Break the tape by running a hard squee- gee through the tape marker. Installation: Grab your wrap buddy, this method works best with two people! With one installer on each end, carefully remove the backing paper from the vinyl. Installation: Pre-heat the vinyl (not on the glue side) with your heat source. A heat gun is easiest to use, but an infrared heater, propane torch, or a steamer will work too! Use heat with caution, until the lm is warm and pliable. Installation: Once properly heated, give the vinyl a slight pre-stretch by hav- ing the installers pull away from each other at the corners of the vinyl. This creates a horizontal stretch in the lm, making tension where the vinyl wants to hug around the top edge of the fender. Quickly set the vinyl onto the surface of the fender being mindful of your tape markers. Wrap Tutorial: How to Install Vinyl Using the Full Pull Method continued on page 51 FEATURED PRODUCTS: • 3M Knifeless Design Line cutting tape • YelloTools Pro-Wrap Squeegee • Avery Dennison Wrap Magnets • Bauur Heat Gun • Wrap Glove Ghost • ORAFOL 970RA Matte Copper Metallic Color Change Film • GoMake Safety Wrapping/Paper Cutting Knife • 3M 8914ES Edge Seal Tape (matte) • Fusion Tools After Burn Silicone Heat Tape • Arlon Graphics – Knife with 30-degree black carbon break-away blade C O U R T E SY O F M U TO H I M AG E S C O U R T E SY W R A P S E S H 18 • WRAPS • 2 0 2 1

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