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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M V inyl has evolved rapidly in the past few years to work with a variety of surfaces. Vehicles, windows, build- ings, concrete, even brick walls ... there's a wrap for that! With so many different types of surfaces and so many varieties of lms available on the market, it can be hard for even the most seasoned wrap shop to make the right material selec- tions. Your print media selection can be the tipping point into success or failure of a job. Mistakes can be costly, especially when it comes to custom printed graphics, so here is a guide on selecting the right print media for your wrap project. QUESTION 1: CAST OR CALENDERED VINYL? When selecting the best print media for your project you need to decide if you will be using cast or calendered films. Cast lms are typically very thin and conform- able, and typically have the least amount of shrink back. With cast lms being so conformable and durable, they are best suited for full vehicle wraps, boat wraps, or even motorcycle wraps. Cast lm can handle complex stretch and recessed areas better than a calendered lm can. Calendered vinyl on the other hand is usually a little thicker and stiffer, result- ing in less conformability. It works great for at installs and signage. It also tends to have better resistance to surface dam- age or abrasion because of the manufac- turing process. It can be used on vehicles as a less expensive alternative but may not conform as well to complex areas of a vehicle. QUESTION 2: WHAT TYPE OF SURFACE ARE YOU WRAPPING? A wrap is only as good as its surface! If you have failing paint or clear coat, a vinyl wrap could result in pulling paint, whether it be during the installation or the wrap removal down the road. Most material manufacturers only warranty gloss painted smooth surfaces when it comes to vehicle wraps. If you are doing a wall mural, you will need to do a wall test beforehand. If you are trying to wrap a textured black plastic or matte surface, you will want to look for a high tack or a low surface energy print media. These plastics are commonly seen on vehicle exterior trim pieces, or on off-road vehicles. Brick walls or concrete will need a very specic print media that is made just for that surface. QUESTION 3: WHAT LONGEVITY DOES YOUR CLIENT EXPECT WITH THIS WRAP? Communication with your client is key. There are several ways to increase the lifespan of your printed wrap. All print medias are rated and warrantied to last a certain period, and you can locate this information in the manufacturer's product data bulletin. QUESTION 4: WHAT TYPE OF LAMI- NATE DO YOU NEED? There is almost an equal amount of vari- ety with laminate lms as there are with print medias. Some laminate lms are only meant to last 1-2 years, while oth- ers have a life span of 5-7 years. It's always best to check with the manufacturer to see which corresponding laminate they recommend. QUESTION 5: CLIENT'S BUDGET The last thing you will need to take into consideration is the client's budget for the project. Clients all have different budgets and different expectations. Give your cli- ent a cost-effective and efcient option based on your experience. STILL NEED HELP? ASK AN EXPERT! Running a graphics shop that specializes in all things custom, clients will keep you on your toes with oddball and special re- quests. In these instances when you are unfamiliar with your best option, your lo- cal reps are your greatest asset. Whether you work directly with a material manu- facturer or work with a wrap-vinyl dis- tributor like FELLERS, chances are you have a local rep in charge of your area. It is super important to create good rap- port with these folks as they are heavily educated and connected in the industry. They are true professionals that can help guide you to the most viable direction for your print media search. When looking at the FELLERS website, which is the larg- est vinyl supplier in the world, there are tons of resources available at your nger- tips. They break down lm searches by category, surface, color, and brand. They also give you product details, laminate rec- ommendations, and provide product data bulletin sheets from the manufacturers. Want to get your hands on the prod- ucts mentioned in this article? Visit How to Select the Right Print Media for Your Wrap Project WANT TO CHECK OUT WRAPSESH? FB: @wrapseshaz IG: @wrapseshaz @vinylvixenwraps Web: YouTube: wrapsesh COMPOSED BY VINYL VIXEN, WRAPSESH INC. AND COURTESY OF FELLERS IMAGES COURTESY WRAPSESH 22 • WRAPS • 2 0 2 1

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