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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 • WRAPS • 25 W ith so many different types of vinyl lms in our industry, a vinyl wrap- per/installer must be able to adapt and be great with problem solving. High-tack lms, whether it is color change vinyl or print medias, re- quire a different strategy for a suc- cessful installation. Here we will show you, step by step, how to do a roll down method which works great for lms with an aggressive initial tack or even printed graphics. Recommended for Hexis, KPMF, ORAFOL, and 3M color change lms. When using a glass out meth- od with high tack lm, you may nd yourself ghting with gravity and your material. This strategy makes for a clean installation, especially when installing solo. Dive in with the infamous wrap duo, Slim Sheddy and Vinyl Vixen, from Wrapsesh. Located in Mesa, Arizona, this small mom-and-pop shop has an above and beyond reputation and is most well-known for full coverage and crazy custom wraps. Promoting good vibes and high ves, this charismatic couple is raising the standard for what a wrap can truly be and has garnished worldwide recognition. 1. Prep Work 2. Installation 3. Trimming 4. Finishing STEPS Prep: Prep the panel surface by spray- ing a 50/50 isopropyl alcohol and dis- tilled water mix using a microber towel to wipe. De-greaser works well for oil or dirt. Clay bar is an even further step to remove any contaminants on surface. Finish off with a 50/50 mix wipe down. Prep: Take extra care to clean under any rubber seals or trim pieces. A wrap is only as good as the surface, so prep is essential for success! Wrap will not stick to grease, and dirt creates raised imperfections under your wrap. Prep: Lay masking tape over any nearby surfaces to prevent ac- cidental damage during trimming. Wrap Tutorial: How to Install Vinyl Using the Roll Down Method FEATURED PRODUCTS: • Paint is Dead – Install Glove • ORAFOL – 970RA Matte Copper Metallic Color Change Film • GoMake Safety Wrapping/Paper Cutting Knife • Tri-Edge Tools – Installation squeegees • 3M 8914ES Edge Seal Tape (matte) • Fusion Tools – Max Flux Heat Gun • After Burn Silicone Heat Tape • Arlon Graphics – Knife with 30-de- gree black carbon break-away blade • Image One Impact wrap magnets continued on page 51 COURTESY MUTOH IMAGES COURTESY WRAPSESH

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