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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M B lake Madsen describes himself as "insanely passionate about vinyl wrap installation." So it's no wonder that he owns a highly suc- cessful shop, Remix Wraps, in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Specializing in vehicle wraps and installations, Blake is also a keen competitor. He placed rst at the PDAA Pro Team Relay in 2019, and second in the Wrap Olympics at WRAPSCON 2018. And if running his shop and earning this recognition weren't enough, he also shares business insights as a co-host of The WrapIQ Podcast with John Duever. We asked Blake a few questions about his career and business. Q. How long have you been work- ing in the industry? A. I started in 2006 at a sign shop, making signs and installing graph- ics. After getting a lot of experience and several certifications — includ- ing Avery Dennison's Certied Wrap Installer designation — I started Remix Wraps in 2017. Q. What do you do before start- ing a vehicle wrap installation? What's your approach? A. Three things are key: Prep, prep, and prep. First is to prep the vehicle. I clean the edges well, prep the surface, and remove any hardware. Then I step back and come up with a game plan — where I'll start, where I'll go, and how I'll manipulate the material. Next, is to prep the graphics. I mea- sure and trim everything and have it ready to go ahead of time. That way, I don't have to break rhythm once I've started the application. Finally, I prep myself by nding a way to focus. That's usually putting on the AirPods and listening to an audio- book or podcast. It helps me get "in the zone." Once in that zone, I like to start in one area — lay up the piece, apply, and trim it — and complete that area before moving on. I want to avoid mov- ing backwards in the process. It's really about making the most efcient use of my energy. Q. You've described yourself as an advocate for Avery Dennison vehicle wrapping lms, including Supreme Wrapping Film and digital wrapping lms such as MPI 1105. Why do you like these products so much? A. What I like the most is their con- formability at room temperature. I don't have to be constantly heating the mate- rial, which saves time. I also like the low initial tack. Avery Dennison materials are just so easy to work with. Q. What trends are you seeing in wrap- ping? Any thoughts on where things are headed? A. Well, wraps have really become such a part of the mainstream. Businesses are aware that they need to wrap vehicles to stand out. And the custom car crowd has come to realize that vinyl is the premium choice for removable color changes. On the design side, I'm seeing a re- turn of matte black. The trend in the past few years was a lot of color and crazy designs. But black is back. Q. If you could give advice to someone getting started in the wrap- ping business, what would it be? A. Three things: Get as much training as you can, along with certi- cations. Next, don't be afraid to fail; realize it's often part of the learning process. Finally, network with every- one you can in the industry. I really think the future is more about collabo- ration than just competition. For more information on the Avery Dennison vehicle wrapping lms mentioned in this article, visit To view some of Blake's work, visit And be sure to check out The WrapIQ podcast on Apple Podcasts. A Q&A with Blake Madsen of Remix Wraps C O U R T E SY O F AV E R Y D E N N IS O N I M AG E S C O U R T E SY AV E R Y D E N N IS O N his shop and earning this recognition come up with a game plan — where I'll start, where I'll go, and how I'll 26 • WRAPS • 2 0 2 1

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