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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M U gly prints don't s e l l ! W h a t i s ugly? Prints with band- ing. Prints with details that look fuzzy. Prints with colors that don't pop! You would think that get- ting a high-quality print from your wide-format printer would be as easy as just sending the le, but if you've been in the business for a while you realize, that just isn't so. So, what can be done, because installing an ugly print is not going to get you more work. Tip 1: Carefully select your printer with features that work for wraps. The MUTOH 1641SR, for example, has a feature called Intelligent Interweave. This feature prints the image using a wave form rather than just straight lines, which cause banding. As each wave overlaps precisely, band- ing disappears. Ti p 2 : Yo u r p r i n t e r needs to have accuracy when printing the individual dots that nally make an image. The MUTOH 1641SR has a feature called DropMaster. This option considers the thick- ness of the media and allows the printer ink dots to be placed precisely for better clarity of the image. No more fuzziness even on smaller details. We all know people like to walk up to a wrap and look closely! Tip 3: Make sure you have the right design software and color management options. The MUTOH 1641SR comes with free copy of FlexiSIGN & Print as part of the package. Known for its ease of use, but more importantly, the wrap designer can control color management thus assuring a print that is bright and visible in addition to creative. You can be sure that you will not be printing ugly im- ages with the right wide format printer like the MUTOH 11641SR. It's why this printer is known as "The Wrapper's Choice" and wins awards each year for its high-quality output. 3 Tips for a Better Vehicle Wrap Design Print 2 0 2 1 • WRAPS • 29 C O M P O S E D BY M A R K R U G E N , M U TO H D I R E C TO R O F E D U C AT IO N , C O U R T E SY O F F E L L E R S I M AG E S C O U R T E SY O F F E L L E R S

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