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30 • WRAPS • 2 0 2 1 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M BY R E E D S I L B E R M A N O ver the past two decades we have seen exciting growth in the digi- tal printing world. Technology in equipment as well as materials has made more possible than ever. I remember 20 years ago using water-based printers and calendered, non-air release vinyl to wrap vehicles. One of the growth areas I am most excited about is the education to the general public about what wraps are and what's possible. In my opinion, the awareness about what you can wrap, and how creative you can be with new mate- rials has grown tremendously in recent years. When I started Ink Monstr our slogan was, "We can wrap anything," and we have been educating people about what's possible with wraps ever since. Ink Monstr has always been in the forefront of nding unique applications and uses for our industry's standard me- dia. We are known for our large-scale projects like using building wraps to cre- ate artistic murals. One thing I pride myself on is knowing the proper- ties and characteristics of materials, knowing what's possible with them, and nding new applications and uses for them. We focus on utilizing the tools we have to stand out and create something different. From building wraps, wrapping exotic cars and having grafti artist paint on the vehicle to create a one-of-a-kind art piece, print- ed dry erase media to create experien- tial artistic activations, to residential and commercial decor wall coverings – Ink Monstr does it all. As a business owner, I have to con- stantly think of ways to separate myself from my competition. One of the ways I do this is by bringing originality and vibrant life to a variety of blank canvases. This concept and application has really taken off, and it has been our focus for many years. I spend a lot of time edu- cating general contractors and interior designers on how wall wraps can greatly impact their commercial and residential new construction projects. Not only does it offer their client a fully customizable Wall wraps for new construction Reed Silberman is the Founder/CEO of Denver-based Ink Monstr. The Final Touch Ink Monstr added a significant amount of color to this downtown Denver parking structure. All images courtesy of Ink Monstr. When it comes to using wraps to show off art exhibits, who says your wraps can't be just as alluring.

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