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2 0 2 1 • WRAPS • 39 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M Both Shareef Khan, founder and owner of SS Cus- toms in Redwood City, and Charlie Trujillo CEO and owner of Lettering Express in Oklahoma City, advise that shops need to know their materials and to read the installation guides because not all color change films are the same. Courtesy of Avery Dennison. Setting expectations with customers is essential, especially when the color change is dramatic, like turning a black car white and vice versa. Shareef Khan explains why it's going to cost more to wrap deeper into the door jambs and under the hood and trunk lid to prevent the original paint from showing. Shareef notes that many times his clients will opt to move forward with the higher-cost option. Courtesy of Avery Dennison.

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