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2 0 2 1 • WRAPS • 41 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M they ever did come out since they didn't arrange to meet us, but they did provide an estimate that was handwritten on a form, with loosely noted options and pricing. They took a photo of the esti- mate and texted it to me. No phone call, no professional email, no follow-up. Both companies had good reviews and nice-looking photos of their past work. They're the two prominent pool plaster companies in our area, so we chose between them. Primarily based on the initial customer service, we signed the contract with the rst com- pany; the price was a secondary consid- eration. This experience hit home the importance of good customer service and reminded us of our own approach to the process. CUSTOMER SERVICE A typical vehicle wrap isn't going to be near that $11,000 mark, but maybe you're quoting numerous vehicles, or you're quoting one project that may turn into multiple wraps. No matter the ini- tial dollar amount of the job, you should treat each one with the same signicance throughout the entire process. A few years after we started our busi- ness, we got a call from a local chain clothing store that needed a single cotton candy pink Barbie logo cut out of vinyl for one of their displays. It was a $20 sticker, but because we quickly accommodated the customer and provided them exactly what they needed, they came back to us for their next project and the one after that. Within a couple of years, we ended up doing nearly $60,000 in decals and small signs for the store — all because of one Barbie decal. RELIABILITY Customer service is a blanket phrase that encompasses how customers are taken care of and how their needs are met. Of course, poor customer service

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